Wolfberry Extract Powder

Wolfberry powder is come from wolfberry fruit and it is pure natural product.Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide is extracted from lycium a water-soluble polysaccharide. Have clear the polysaccharide protein, polysaccharide, composed of arabinose, glucose,galactose,mannose, xylose and rhamnose six monosaccharide components.

Product Name Red Wolfberry Powder
General Information
Product Name Wolfberry Extract Powder Part Used Fruit
Item Specification Method Result
Physical Property
Appearance brown Fine Powder Organoleptic Conforms
Specification ≥40% UV 40.30%
Loss on Drying ≤5.0% HB43-S Moisture Meter 2.80%
Ignition Ash <5.0% USP37<561> 2.3
Mercury(Hg) <0.1mg/Kg Atomic Absorption Conforms
Lead(Pb) <3.0 mg/Kg Atomic Absorption Conforms
Arsenic(As) <2.0 mg/Kg Atomic Absorption Conforms
Cadmimum(Cd) <1.0 mg/Kg Atomic Absorption Conforms
Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g USP30<61> Conforms
Yeast&Mold <100cfu/g USP30<61> Conforms
E.Coli Negative USP30<62> Conforms
Salmonella Negative USP30<62> Conforms
Shelf Life 24 Months under the conditions below,no antioxidant used
Package Standard packed in fiber-drum and two plastic bags inside
Storage Store in a cool,dry place away from Moisture,Light,Oxygen
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