Freeze Dried Cucumber Powder

Cucumber powder is made from premium cucumbers. Each product is thoroughly washed, trimmed, cut, and selected. The raw materials are dried by controlled, moderately heated forced air. After dehydration the cucumbers are sorted,sifted and screened to correct size. The end product is a fresh and tasty cucumber powder that can be uses for soups, dressings, dips, or any recipe you have that needs that cucumber flavor.


Product Description

  1. Specification:100%Nature
  2. Green fine powder
  3. CAS NO.:89998-01-6
  4. Active Ingredient:100% powder ;10:1


  1. Regulate the nervous system, boost brain memory, eliminate fatigue rapidly,
  2. Enhance immunity, regulate endocrine,
  3. Prevent organization aging, prompt wound healing,
  4. Promote sex hormone secretion, improve sexual function , thus delaying the aging effects


  1. Applied in the food feild, to be used as food additive added into various dishes.
  2. Applied in the health product field, it can be made into capsules, tablets, injection, to adjust the immunesystem and strengthen the health of body;
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