Matcha Green Tea Powder

About Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is the most popular superfood powder in the market. It is made from fresh, shade-grown, young green tea leaves, ceremonial matcha green tea powder have the brilliant green color,umami taste and a delicate sweetness,Mellow, smooth and fine texture. We select every green shoot, 100% natural, no pesticide residues, no added pigment, to ensure the high quality of matcha powder for you.


How is Matcha Made?

  1. Grownin the high mountains, in a climate where the temperature difference between day and night is large, the terrain where fog is likely to occur, which is peculiar to mountainous areas, grows tea plants with solid terrain and soft leaves.
  2. Shade grown:early to mid-April, tea leaves designated for matcha are completely shaded.where the light is filtered to the bushes in a very controlled manor. Shading boosts the chlorophyll production in the plant, giving the leaves a rich green color.
  3. Harvesting: around early May the tea leaves are carefully picked by hand
  4. Steamed: the tea leaves destined for matcha are first steamed. The leaves are treated briefly with steam heat within hours of plucking to both halt the oxidation process and bring out the rich green color of the shade-grown tea leaves even more. The steaming process creates a unique flavor profile that is often described as sweet and vegetal.
Grade A AA AAA AAAA AAAAA Baking grade A Baking grade AA
Selection of Raw Material Maojian,planted in Xinyang,China “Shubei”Species from Japan,planted in Xinyang, China Maojian,planted in Xinyang,China
Mesh 500 Mesh 1000 Mesh 2000 Mesh 3000 Mesh 5000 Mesh 500目 1000目
Color Green Green Green Jade Green Jade Green Green Green
Purity 100% Matcha Powder 100% Matcha Powder 100% Matcha Powder 100% Matcha Powder 16% Barely Grass Powder +84% Matcha 100% Matcha Powder
Taste Slightly bitter Slightly bitter,not astringent Natural
Slightly bitter Natural
Application Use for noodles,biscuits,moon cakes,nougat puff,macaron, chocolate etc. Use for drinks,smoothies,ice cream,yogurt etc. Ceremony Grade,Suitable for direct drinking or making high -end products for sales.
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