Vitamin B12 Drops

12 Sublingual Drops – sublingual vitamin B12 supplement contains B12 Methylcobalamin 5000 MCG per serving. Our liquid vitamin B12 is not only easy-to-take but provides the best bioavailability and absorption possible. Only 2 droppers per day are enough to boost your brain health, mood, and energy.

Body Balance Increase -B12 vitamin sublingual drops boost most of the body’s systems. Our B-12 vitamin aids in the conversion of food into cellular energy and supports the healthy formation of blood cells. With our B12 supplement, you can also achieve a better nervous system function and boosted brain work.

Pure Methylcobalamin – provides the best natural Methylcobalamin liquid b12 vitamin. It is made from only organic and carefully-selected ingredients without any artificial additives and fillers. Our vitamin B12 5000 MCG supplement is vegan-friendly and free of soy, gluten, corn syrup, and GMOs.

Product Name Vitamin B 12 Drops
Formula & Flavor Natural Flavor
Main Ingredients Ingredients:Vitamin B12 5,000 mcg. Other ingredients: Purified water, natural glycerin, citric acid, potassium sorbate, stevia  leaf extract.
Type Spray


Main Functions

* Metabolism

* Mind Clarity

* Immunity

* Optimal energy levels

* Ideal sleep-wake cycles

* Daytime alertness and concentration

MOQ 500 bottles
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