Biotin Collagen Drops

Liquid collagen and biotin – hydrolyzed collagen & biotin liquid supplement is made of the most powerful ingredients in a highly concentrated form to enhance the absorption and bioavailability Our Biotin and Collagen vitamins effectively speed up nail and hair growth and support joints and skin health

Powerful men & women vitamins – collagen and biotin supplement is the finest treatment for fighting hair loss when compared with other hair growth products Our biotin vitamins not only strengthen hair from inside out but also improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and boost hydration.

Name: Liquid Biotin Collagen Drops
Potency: Biotin 6700mcg;

Collagen 13300mcg

Flavors: Natural Raspberry Flavor, or other custom flavor
Ingredients: Biotin 6700mcg;

Collagen 13300mcg

Function: 1. Supports nail health

Restores nail structure Strengthens nail plate Prevents brittleness Strong & Healthy Nails in 14 days.


2.Promotes hair growth

Up to 90% healthier hair Up to 60% faster hair growth Up to 70% less hair loss Longer & thicker hair in 30 days.


3. Enhances skin tissues Rejuvenates with collagen Hydrates dry skin Reduces inflammation Collagen lifts,firms & moisturizes skin.

Sample: Available,
Logo: Private Label, OEM/ODM
Specifications: 30ML/Bottle, 60ML/Bottle, customized specification accepted
Certifications: COA,GMP, ISO, MSDS, HACCP
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