Cod Liver Oil Softgels Capsule

What is Cod Liver Oil Softgels Capsule / omega softgel capsules?

omega softgel capsules  contain Cod liver oil mainly contains vitamin A and vitamin D. At room temperature, it is yellow, clear and liquid, with a slight fishy taste. It is often used to prevent night blindness, keratomalacia, rickets and osteomalacia. It also has a protective effect on epidermal tissues such as upper mucosa of respiratory tract. It is mainly composed of fatty acids with high unsaturation, in addition to a small amount of phospholipids and unsaponifiable matter. Cod and turbot are the traditional raw materials of cod liver oil production in the world. China mainly uses sharks, rays, mackerel, mackerel and horsefish.

Product Name  Private label cod liver oil softgel cod liver oil softgel capsules / omega softgel capsules
Latin Name cod liver oil capsules
Appearance Yellow,transparent or customized
Meshes 60meshes
Source COD Liver Oil
Keywords Vitamin A, Vitamin D, omega-3 or as your request
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Products  Spec.&Shape  Active Ingredients
 18/12(Omega 3) Fish Oil Softgel  500mg Oval, 1000mg Oblong, 1200mg Oblong  DHA+EPA≥30%
 Lecithin Softgel  1200mg Oblong  Acetone-insoluble≥50%
 Omega369 Softgel  1200mg Oblong  18/12 fish oil, Flaxseed oil, Borage oil
 Flaxseed Oil Softgel  1000mg Oblong  α-linolenic≥50%
 Evening Primrose Oil(EPO) Softgel  800mg Oblong  GLA≥10%
 CLA Softgel  500mg Oval  CLA≥80%
 Krill Oil Softgel  500mg Oval  Esterified Astaxanthin, Phospholipid
 Cod-liver Oil Softgel  250mg Oval  Cod-liver oil(Vitamin A & Vitamin D)
 CoQ-10 Softgel  500mg Oval  Co-enzyme Q10
 Natural VE Softgel  300-500mg Oval  D-α-Tocopherol
 Garlic Oil Softgel  300-400mg Oval  Garlic Oil
 Liquid Calcium Softgel  1200mg Oval  Calcium Carbonate+Vitamin D3
 Multi-vitamins Softgel  1000mg Oblong  Kinds of Vitamins+Mineral Substance
 Lycopene Softgel  500mg Oval  Lycopene Resin
 β-carotene Softgel  500mg Oval  β-carotene Oil
 Vitamin A E Softgel  350mg Water Drop Form  Vitamin A and Vitamin E
 Vitamin D3 Softgel  150mg Round  Vitamin D3(1000IU/mg)
 Vitamin A D Softgel  350mg Gourd  Vitamin A and Vitamin D
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