Selenium Spirulina Softgels Capsule

What is Selenium Spirulina Softgels Capsule?

Spirulina is blue-green microalgae with high nutritional value. It is especially rich in protein, beta carotene, and Chlorophyll, and provide one of the few nutural food source of vegetarian Vitamin B-12. It also acts as an antioxidant in strengthening the bodys defense systems.

Product Name Nutritional supplement Selenium spirulina softgel Factory Natural Health Food
Latin Name Selenium Spirulina Softgels Capsule
Appearance Multi-Colored or custom color
Meshes 60meshes
Source Spirulina powder, soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin ,water
Keywords Selenium Spirulina
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Items Specifications Results
Appearance Deep green tablet Complies
Odor Characteristic Complies
Tablet weight 250mg Complies
Diameter 9mm Complies
Crude protein ≥50% 52.8%
Fatty acids content ≥5% 5.2%
Carbohydrates ≥15% 15.6%
Loss on Drying ≤8% 5.2%
Ashes ≤8% 5.0%
Carotenoid (g/kg) ≥1.5 2.3
Chlorophyll (mg/100g) ≥750 875
Phycocyanobilin (mg/100g) ≥3500 12680
Fe (mg/kg) 580~650 610
Mg (mg/kg) 2900~3800 3580
Ca (mg/kg) 1000~3000 1360
P (mg/kg) 1000~3000 1850
K (mg/kg) 1000~3000 1560
Mn (mg/kg) 23~25 23.8
Heavy Metal    
Pb (ppm) <2.0 0.60
Cd (ppm) ≤0.2 0.05
Hg (ppm) ≤0.1 0.02
As (ppm) <0.5 0.15
Total Plate Count <1,000cfu/g 120cfu/g
Yeast & Mould <100MPN/100g 15MPN/100g
E.Coli Negative Complies
Salmonella Negative Complies
Conclusion Conform with specification.
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