Biotin Hair Gummies

What is Biotin Hair Gummies or hair vitamins biotin gummies?

Biotin (also called Vitamin H for hair) plays an important role in strengthening the hair (even of the eyelashes and eyebrows) and nails by supporting the essential amino acids used to create elastin and keratin—the building blocks of healthy hair and nails.  Support in Cell Growth and Metabolism: Cells grow at a consistent rate if the body is functioning perfectly.  As we age, our cell proliferation and metabolism decrease due to stress, diet, and exercise.  An increased amount of Biotin that the body’s cells receive helps to combat typical aging.  When supplementing with Biotin in the body, it has been shown cell proliferation is increased substantially, helping to increase baseline metabolism rates and assisting in weight loss and overall healthy appearances.  Healthy Growth of Hair, Skin, & Nails: Convenient and delicious way to nourish your body. Use hair vitamins biotin gummies.

Product Name Biotin Hair Growth Gummies Hair Supplement Fast Nails Hair Growth Biotin Nails Vitamins Vegan Bear Biotin Collagen Gummy
Latin Name Biotin Hair Gummies
Appearance Multi-Colored or custom color
Meshes 60meshes
Source Multivitamin and Biotin
Keywords Biotin, Collagen, Vitamins, Polygonum multiflorum, Zinc
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Analysis Specifications
Assay(BHB-sodium) 98.0~102.0%(on dried basis)
Assay(BHB) 80.0~86.0%(on dried basis)
Appearance White crystalline powder
Odor Odorless
Loss on Drying ≤5.0%
Heavy Metals ≤10ppm
Pb ≤3ppm
As ≤1.5ppm
Cd ≤1ppm
Hg ≤0.5ppm

Total Plate Count

Yeast & Mold










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