Multivitamin Gummies

What is Multivitamin Gummies?

Multivitamins Gummies generally refer to compound preparations composed of a variety of vitamins. The main function is to provide a variety of vitamins for the body, usually including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid, pantothenic acid, etc. Various vitamins.Multivitamins are used to treat fatigue and prevent vitamin deficiencies caused by an unbalanced diet. It can also prevent “loss” of preventive vitamins during prolonged exercise or training. Risk Nausea, vomiting, bone pain.

Product Name Private Label Multi Vitamins hair Biotin Gummy vegan Multivitamin Gummies
Latin Name Multivitamin Gummies
Appearance Multi-Colored or custom color
Meshes 60meshes
Source Calcium Vitamind3
Keywords Vitamin A,C,D,E,K,B1,B2,B6,B12- Biotin,Omega 3, 6,9 EPA and Zinc
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months
VA 200μg
VD 1.5μg
VE 4.5 mg
VB1 0.4 mg
VB2 0.4 mg
VB6 0.4 mg
VB12 0.8μg
VC 30 mg
VK 20μg
Pantothenic acid 1.5 mg
folic acid 100μg
niacin 3.5 mg
calcium 50 mg
iron 5 mg
zinc 3.5 mg
magnesium 25mg
potassium 025 mg
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