Vitamin A Liquid

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble, essential vitamin. Fat-soluble vitamins are better absorbed by the body with the help of valuable oils (better bioavailability), which is why vitamin A is dissolved in high-quality olive oil. The preparation is supplemented with rosemary extract.

Vitamin A occurs naturally in animal as well as vegetable foods.

Product Name: OEM Vitamin A Liquid Vitamin A Drops Immune Support Multivitamin Vitamin A Palmitate Beta Carotene Drops Eye & Immune Support
Ingredients: Vitamin A , Zinc , Quercetin
Function: Skin Health, Eye, Vision, Reproductive & Antioxidant Support
MOQ: 100 Bottles
Volume: 30ML/60ML
Service: OEM ODM Private Label
Package: OEM Customized
Service&Advantage: 1) Short delivery

2) Customized logo is welcome
3) 24 hours stand by
4) More than 21 years experience

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