Vitamin E Supplement Tablet

What is Vitamin E supplement tablet?

This product contains Vitamin E 98%Vitamin E has a variety of biological activities and can prevent and treat some diseases. It is a strong antioxidant. Vitamin E has a variety of biological activities . It is a strong antioxidant, which can protect the stability of cell membrane by interrupting the chain reaction of free radicals, prevent the formation of lipofuscin on the membrane and delay the aging of thebody.

Product Name OEM factory price Vitamin E supplement tablet
Latin Name Vitamin E supplement tablet
Appearance Multi-Colored or custom color
Meshes 60meshes
Source Vitamin Extract
Keywords Vitamin E supplement tablet
Storage Keep in a cool, dry, dark location in a tightly sealed container or cylinder.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Items Specfication Methods
Vitamin E 430mg Input
Appearance Ova Clear softgel Visible
Disintegration, min ≤ 30 USP<2040>
Total Plate Count, cfu/g NMT 1000 GB 4789.2
E. Coliform, MPN/g Negative/g GB 4789.38
Mold and Yeast, cfu/g NMT 100 GB 4789.15
Salmonella Negative/25g GB 4789.4
Staphylococcus aureus Negative/25g GB 4789.10
Lead, mg/kg NMT 2.0 GB 5009.12
Arsenic, mg/kg NMT 1.0 GB 5009.11
Mercury, mg/kg NMT 0.3 GB 5009.17
Cadmium, mg/kg NMT 1.0 GB 5009.15
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