L-Carnitine Coffee Solid Drinks

L-carnitine coffee mainly includes L-carnitine, black coffee, these two ingredients have a certain weight loss effect, combined with reasonable exercise and healthy diet to play a slim effect.



The main role of L-carnitine is to promote fat conversion, help fat burning quickly to accelerate the body
metabolism, to release calories, can play a role in weight loss.

Black coffee

Black coffee has low energy content, and it contains lipid-soluble factors, so it can help burn more fat, and can promote the decomposition of fat cells into fatty acids, which can be excreted by the body.

item value
Function Slimming
Type Coffee solid drink
Place of Origin China
Brand Name OEM/ODM
Model Number 10g*15
Dosage Form Powder
Main Ingredient L-carnitine ,Lotus leaf,Inulin and coffee
Main function Turns Fat Into Energy
Shelf life 24 Months
MOQ 10000pcs
Package Customer ‘s Request
Weight 150g(Customer ‘s Request)
Flavor Coffee fragrance
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